Midland Football League 2022

Midland Football League 2022

In a prediction game, you'll have to name the champions of the Midland Football League in 2022. The Premier division is made up of HANLEY TOWN and RESTED Coventry Copsewood. In the next season, there will be 21 teams and 40 league games. Here are the teams to keep an eye on. What's next for the Midland Football League? Listed below are the changes in the Midland Football League.

Premier champions HANLEY TOWN

HANLEY TOWN have been crowned Premier champions in the Midland Football League. In their final match of the season, HANLEY TOWN defeated Boldmere St Michaels 2-1 in the Midland League Premier Division. After winning their play-off against Chalfont St. Peters 4-0 on Saturday, HANLEY TOWN will now compete in the Midland Football League 2022.

The Midland League was established in 1982, and for the first three seasons, it consisted of two divisions. From 1997, it was consolidated into a single grouping. In 2005, it was renamed the Staffordshire County Senior League. It has no connection to the earlier league of the same name. The league was a feeder league for the North West Counties League.

The team's overall form in the Counties Leagues Midland Football League Premier is Excellent. This season, they have won 25 games and lost three. This excellent form has helped the club place 1 in the table. Moreover, the team's away form has also been excellent. The club has scored 82 goals, which is a very good result considering that their home and away form is both good.

HANLEY TOWN'S success has been a major factor in their rise to the Premier Division. As the Premier champions, HANLEY TOWN has consistently produced strong performances in the Midland League. In addition to their great playing strength, they have also managed to win the League title five consecutive times between 1955-56 and 1959-60. Thereafter, the league's plight deteriorated to nine clubs, and it was eventually dissolved by the dissolution of the North Eastern League.

Relegated Coventry Copsewood

The relegation battle is over after Coventry Copsewood fell to Bilston Town Community 2-1 on Saturday. The club also lost to AFC Bridgnorth and the Khalsa Football Federation in a 1-1 draw. As a result, Coventry Copsewood are relegated to Division Two and will face Bolehall Swifts on Saturday.

The season's first match was abandoned after 40 minutes due to inclement weather. The game, which was to be the Midland League's Division One team, has now expanded to 21 teams. The league's Premier division also has 21 teams. Paget Rangers, Alvis Sporting and Coventry Copsewood are all new to the competition. The League's other tiers will be split between the two.

The Sky Blues were promoted from League Two in 2002. Four years ago, they were relegated to League Two. Since then, the club has earned two promotions, and are currently third in the Championship. The club's supporters believe that a return to the Premier League is inevitable. It would be an incredible achievement, and they would have a chance to prove it.

The season's allocations were published on 21 July by the Football Association. The allocations were subject to appeal, and the league will now be in its sixth season. The league's new structure means that the Midland Football League is even more exciting than before. As the new competition continues, the Midland Football League will continue to grow, and the league will have a whole new look.

The team's first season in the MFL was in 1922. During the previous season, Paget Rangers had won the Midland Football League Division One. The following season, they lost to Nuneaton Borough. In the previous season, the team also defeated Walsall Wood, Shawbury United, and Whitchurch Alport. However, they were relegated to the Midland Football League 2022 on 6 March, and were promoted to the Midland Alliance the following season.

Transfers to other leagues

The Midland Football League is a professional football league in the United Kingdom. There are two divisions in the league system. During the 2021-22 season, the Midland League will feature eight teams and two divisions. The league is currently in its eighth season and has two divisions: the Premier Division and the Second Division. On 21 July, the Football Association announced the allocations of all Midland League clubs. However, the allocations were subject to appeal, and the first round of transfers was overturned.

Players can register with the FAI via a standardised registration form. This form must be filled out by players wishing to register with an affiliated league or transfer to another team. Download the form by clicking the link below. After completing the form, the club will have 24 hours to complete the registration. The registration process is completely free, and there is no need to pay a fee to complete the form.


Promotions for Midland Football League 2022 are a matter of great concern for fans of the region's most competitive football league. The Midland Football League's eighth season will be held in the summer of 2022. The league features four divisions, which are ranked nine to twelve on the football pyramid. Each team has the potential to win promotion to the next division, although the initial transfer of Congleton Town was quashed on appeal.

The play-off games for the Midland Football League were concluded at the weekend. In the first round, Tividale and Boldmere St Michaels won 4-0, meaning the winners will be promoted on the final day. However, it is important to note that the result of this game will have an impact on the final table. A draw will see both teams stay in the league, but a draw will give both sides an opportunity to climb the table.

Promotions from the Midland Football League 2022 are still to be announced, but there are some changes to the league structure. Starting next season, play-offs at Steps five and six will be held. Step 5 second place finishers will play the third or fourth bottom clubs from Step 4 respectively, with the winner progressing to Step 1.

Step four clubs will be relegated at the end of the Playing Season, and the top two clubs will be promoted. The remaining Step six clubs will be promoted to the Midland Football League by the top placed Clubs in their respective Feeder Leagues. Step five clubs will compete in the Inter-Step Play-Offs, with the two best teams in each division progressing to the next level. This way, the Midland Football League is guaranteed a strong and competitive league in the coming years.


The 2021-22 Midland Football League season will be the eighth in the history of the league, which is split into the Premier Division One at Step 5 respectively. The competition will comprise 19 teams. As part of the reorganisation, two leagues will revert to Step 6 - the West Midlands Counties League and the East Midlands Counties League. Despite the change, relegation will still continue from the step 5 feeders.

The current champion and relegated teams are based in Birmingham, Derbyshire, and the West Midlands. Birmingham City will take on Manchester City, and Chesterfield will face Mansfield Town in a play off game on Saturday. The winner of the play-offs will be promoted to the next level. Until then, the play-offs will remain at the lower level. Relegations in Midland Football League 2022 will be played to determine the top two teams in each division.

Relegations will follow the same pattern as the previous season. In Step 4, the highest-placed Club in each division will play the lowest-placed Club in a play-off to be promoted to the next level. The top two teams from each division will then play each other in the promotion final. The winner will then go on to play the four teams from the bottom of each division in Step 6.

The top two in the Midland Football League will play each other in the final season. Ashby Ivanhoe and Boldmere St Michaels are still in the Premier Division, but have one game left. The Premier Division title race could also be decided on Monday, with Hanley Town vs. Boldmere St Michaels. Hanley are five points ahead of Boldmere but need a win to win the title. Also, Bewdley Town have a home game next week, while Haughmond will play Wolverhampton Casuals.

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